Outliers detection in networks with missing links (submitted)
Solenne Gaucher, Olga Klopp, Geneviève Robin

Low-rank methods for multi-source, heterogeneous and incomplete data (PhD dissertation)
[web] [pdf] [slides of the defense]

Low-rank model with covariates for count data with missing values (2019, Journal of Multivariate Analysis)
Geneviève Robin, Julie Josse, Éric Moulines and Sylvain Sardy

Main effects and interactions in mixed and incomplete data frames  (2019, Journal of American Statistical Association)   
Geneviève Robin, Olga Klopp, Julie Josse, Éric Moulines and  Robert Tibshirani
[arxiv] [citation]

Imputation of mixed data with multilevel Singular Value Decomposition (2019, Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics)
François Husson, Julie Josse, Balasubramanian Narasimhan and Geneviève Robin
[arxiv] [journal]

Low-rank interactions and sparse additive effects model for large data frames (NeurIPS 2018)
Geneviève Robin, Hoi To Wai, Julie Josse, Olga Klopp and Éric Moulines [pdf] [citation]

Incomplete graphical model inference via latent tree aggregation (2018, Statistical Modelling)
Geneviève Robin, Christophe Ambroise and Stéphane Robin
[arxiv] [journal]

 Inference of sparse Graphical Models with unobserved variables (2016, MSc thesis)